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Double-layered reusable cleaning pads

Double-layered reusable cleaning pads

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These reusable cleaning pads are made from offcuts from terry cloth shorts. They are 2-layered and therefore particularly soft and durable. The luxury version!

✿ The sets consist of either 4 or 8 pads - depending on which set size you choose. The size is approx. 7x7cm.

✿ Made from offcuts from vintage towels made from 100% cotton (possibly a cotton mix)

✿ made in Hamburg

Care instructions:

All fabrics are pre-washed vintage materials. For durability, we recommend hand washing. If you want to wash them in the washing machine, we recommend putting them in a laundry bag so they don't get lost.

You can also remove make-up with the pads. Please remember that waterproof make-up can cause stains (which is not a big deal). However, if you want to avoid this, we recommend using the pads on untreated skin before moving on to makeup.

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Upcycling process

All scrunchies are made from existing vintage handkerchiefs and upcycled. For this reason, colors and patterns are limited and cannot be reproduced.